Why is a good idea

One of the main reasons that drove me to make this decision is the fast increasing of the shopping online. The aim of my business is to be in step with the times, giving the possibility to my future buyers to invent their own style in a both quick and straightforward way, without any diddle.

Moreover, I decided to start my business with only an online tailoring rather than to have a physical shop, because the purpose is to reach all the Irish girls instead of the small group that live around us.

Thus, I really believe it can be worth trying to reach and cover this particular market. As a result, I think my business could become a “5 stars” business for the following five reasons:

  • uniqueness of the products & customization;

  • maximum value added for our customers;

  • just a click, not waste of time;

  • Italian quality;

  • affordable prices & short delivery times;


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